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Gateway Home Watch

Gateway Home Watch, a division of Gateway Management.

Why use a professional

Rain, Heat & Storms

Florida is a tropical climate, so there are many things that can go wrong in your absence, such as storm damage, water leaks, mold and mildew, AC issues, electrical problems, tripped breakers, insect infestation, sprinkler system malfunctions,vandalism and more.

A vacant home is vulnerable to the situations that can cause substantial damage if left unattended. 

We are here to uncover any issues in the early stages to prevent them from becoming a larger and more expensive problem.

Insured Losses

 If you have not had your home checked on a regular basis and damage occurs, your insurance company may not pay for the repairs.

Available 24/7

Entrusting your home to a neighbor or a "hobby home watcher" could be a big mistake.  Leave it to the professionals with the man power, experience and resources to properly watch over your home.

Refer a Friend

Love our service (of course)! Refer a friend & when they sign up get a $10.00 Publix Gift Card! Don't forget to tell them to mention that you sent them to Gateway Home Watch

Turn Service On & Off

Coming to stay for a few weeks or months?  Let us know and we will suspend inspections until you leave.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is STRESSFULL.  We can arrange to close your shutters and have them re-opened after the storm passes.